My Rates

I offer retainer packages in order to make my services more cost effective. This ensures that you’ve secured my time for each month and helps you to budget accordingly. 

10 hours

£28 per hour

20 hours

£27 per hour

30 hours

£26 per hour

40 hours

£25 per hour

Pay as you go - £30 per hour

If you would prefer not to pay in advance or do not require more than a few hours work, my PAYG service of £30 per hour may be more suitable for you. If you’d like me to work on a particular project, please contact me and I can quote accordingly.

For retainer packages and project work I ask for payment within the first 5 working days of the month in advance. For PAYG services, you will be invoiced at the end of each calendar month or on completion of my work.

If you sign up to a retainer package and require additional hours, these will be charged at the relevant hourly rate. If these hours increase significantly I will move you across to the relevant retainer package and charge accordingly. I am happy to carry over 20% of unused hours each month. All other unused hours will be lost unless otherwise agreed.

All rates include an initial consultation and regular reviews.